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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Waiting for you to come back

Since the day you left,
I felt my everything has been theft,
My heart started to ache,
I felt like jumping into the lake,
It was like my body is undergoing a peel,
Which was very difficult to heal.

Days and months have passed,
I thought i can forget you alas,
But i was so disappointed,
It felt as if my heart has halted,
Because it was u for whom I waited,
with whom once for long i had dated.

I spent many sleepless nights,
I recalled all our stupid fights,
Your memories haunted me and refused to go,
The lovely time spent between us made me bow,
I tried to close my eyes,
But I always caught your imaginary smiles.

So here I am all alone,
Wishing and Hoping that you come along,
Because its you whom I desperately miss,
I just want to patch up and kiss !

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