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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trip to France

With you I want to go to France,
There to propose u in front of Eiffel Tower I will get a chance,
If you say YES joyfully I will dance,
I want our feelings to steadily grow,
I will hate it even if for once it goes low,
Its your divine beauty which makes my heart bow,
To keep you happy i will always be on my toe,
So sweetheart for you i have brought this beautiful ring,
Accept it and make me feel like a king,
For you I have brought wedding dress,
Come on now dont say NO and make my life a mess !

Friday, January 29, 2010

Random thought after seeing a girl

Sharp is your memory,
Cute is your look,
Before I saw you in real life,
Everyday i used to read fairy tale book,
I never thought i will see a real life angel,
It made me think is it some type of wangle?
So rhythmic was your posture and walk,
It made me immediately think to have a talk,
When I was just about to have a word,
You just turned around and disappeared like a bird,
I searched you hard but every effort was in vain,
After giving few beautiful moments you left me in intense pain !

Confused lover

Today when i saw you i thought,
I will just walk upto you and talk,
But whenever you come in front of my face,
The only thing which can do is freeze and gaze,
Its you whom my heart wants to know,
When you are away it feels so low,
It tells me to ask you out for a date,
But my mind says are you sure you are not late?
Its the confusion that causes battles in my mind,
For once it says you are very cute and kind,
And for other says in her beauty dont get completely blind,
But I am sure something in you is drawing me towards you
Because to express that lovely feeling words are very few !

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Waiting for you to come back

Since the day you left,
I felt my everything has been theft,
My heart started to ache,
I felt like jumping into the lake,
It was like my body is undergoing a peel,
Which was very difficult to heal.

Days and months have passed,
I thought i can forget you alas,
But i was so disappointed,
It felt as if my heart has halted,
Because it was u for whom I waited,
with whom once for long i had dated.

I spent many sleepless nights,
I recalled all our stupid fights,
Your memories haunted me and refused to go,
The lovely time spent between us made me bow,
I tried to close my eyes,
But I always caught your imaginary smiles.

So here I am all alone,
Wishing and Hoping that you come along,
Because its you whom I desperately miss,
I just want to patch up and kiss !

Something cheeky

Cool is your hair,
Your skin so fair,
It leaves lovers like me,
In great despair !

Sweet words to your girl

So sweet is your smile,
It can make me run a mile,
The only thing i realised this while,
Is that the time I spent with you was worthwhile !

Proposing for the first time in a cute way

When sun shines,
River runs dry,
Babies cry,
Words rhyme,
People commit crime,
And then when we will dine,
Honey I will ask you,
Will u be mine?

When you meet ur gf's father

Can I have a glass of water,
So that afterwards I can flirt with your daughter,
Dont worry i am fit enough to carry,
Afterwards we will plan to settle down and marry,
Loads of money i earn,
More than ur daughter can by travelling and shopping burn,
I am waiting for the sun to shine,
After we finish this glass of wine,
In saying this i take lot of pride,
When can your beautiful daughter be my bride?

First Date

The day when i saw you i thought,
You are so beautiful and hot,
To impress you i bought an imported car,
I thought it will help take our relation afar,
During the drive my feelings i wanted to share,
To say this i wanted to dare,
Sweetheart for you i really care !

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